End Bead Malas

108 Mala ~ end bead malas with adjustable knot or snake knot

Prayer Mala Beads

The 3 end beads is our signature style mala, we were inspired to use these numbers symbolically from the Buddha’s teachings – the 3 Jewels & the 6 Perfections.
~ 108 mala with a choice of knots ~
1. an adjustable slide knot which moves up and down to adjust the tension of the mala beads
2. a traditional tibetan snake knot, the tension of the mala beads is fixed (we leave a 1cm+ gap in the thread to allow for moving the beads along whilst reciting mantra)
Most product pages list which knot is used, if you have a knot preference please let us know at the time of ordering.

Why 108 Beads?

Buddhist Mala Beads are traditionally made with 108 beads; the Buddha taught that there are 108 impure thoughts (or defilements). Also, after chanting 100 mantras eight extra mantras are chanted to allow for any when concentration lapsed. The guru bead (the larger 3 holed bead) is not counted.
Tibetan mala prayer beads often have counter beads at 27 bead intervals to help with counting (hence some of our malas have 111 beads … 108 beads + 3 counter beads = 111 beads)