Small Beaded Bracelets

Mini Bead Bracelet ~ Dainty Bracelet with adjustable slide knot

Small Beaded Bracelet

Small beaded bracelets, with 6mm mini beads, are made from genuine semi-precious stones, featuring an adjustable slide knot & threaded with strong, long lasting nylon cord.
Hand-made sacred bracelets are suitable for mantra recitation, meditation, mindfulness, yoga & prayer. Supplied with healing info & cotton gift bag.

Small Beaded Bracelets

Mini bead bracelets are compact & elegant and feature 6mm mini beads.
Available in 3 sizes:
Small ~ 27 beads (4 rounds of a 27 beaded bracelet = 108)
Medium ~ 31 beads
Large ~ 33 beads

We make quality Buddhist bracelets to an exact & high standard, all uniquely designed & individually hand-crafted.

May you be filled with loving kindness