Wrist Mala Size Guide

8mm & 10mm beads

Wrist Mala Size Guide

Mala Bracelet Sizes

How to Choose the Correct Mala Bracelet Size

BEAD SIZE: choose 8mm or 10mm beads
WRIST SIZE: measure around your wrist in cm

  • Measure the circumference of your wrist in centimetres (cm) using a tape measure.
    This measurement is based on your wrist size and also how loose or tight you would like your wrist mala.
  • Choose the size of mala bracelet that is closest to your wrist size.
  • Mala bracelets & beaded bracelets are adjustable using a slide knot – when opened they are an extra 6 – 7cm longer to allow for going over the hand, please see our adjustable wrist mala guide
We use an auspicious number of beads for our mala bracelets; these are divisions of 108 (that’s 18 beads and 27 beads) or 21 beads for 21 mantra practice.
We also offer 23 bead mala bracelets, these are based on wrist size rather than the number of beads.

Mala Bracelet Size Chart

S 16 – 17cm 8mm 21
M 17 – 18cm 10mm 18
M 18 – 19cm 8mm 23
L 20 – 21cm 10mm 21
XL 21 – 22cm 8mm 27

We make most of our wrist malas with 8mm and 10mm round beads.
There are a few exceptions to this, for example, the bodhi seed wrist mala which has larger beads, please see the individual web page for the size chart link.

Wrist mala Sizes

Wrist Mala Sizes

6mm beads ~ compact & elegant

We also make beaded bracelets with mini 6mm beads; please see the separate bracelet size chart