Zodiac Malas

Zodiac Mala Beads

Zodiac malas with matching bracelets made from genuine semi-precious stones, featuring an adjustable slide knot
Hand-made sacred malas are suitable for mantra recitation, meditation, mindfulness, yoga & prayer…. more

Zodiac Mala Beads Jewelry

Zodiac Mala

Le Yoga Beads

Yoga Jewelry

A unique collection of yoga jewelry ~
“Le Yoga Beads” ~ inspired by the traditional prayer beads of Tibet.
“Le” is the Tibetan word for Karma.
This collection is available in a long necklace mala with 108 beads and a matching yoga bracelet… more

Yoga Beads Jewelry

Yoga Bead

Choker Necklace

Beaded Choker

Choker necklaces ~ genuine semi-precious stones, featuring pendants & charms.
One size – length 38cm, 54 beads (half of 108 mala), can be looped twice around the wrist to wear as a wrap bracelet, finished with a sterling silver magnetic clasp & seed beads… more

Beaded Choker Necklace

Choker Necklaces

Kumihimo Necklaces

Kumihimo Necklaces

Beautifully hand crafted pendants featuring Tibetan & Sanskrit mantras and sacred & ancient symbols.
Hand-braided kumihimo necklaces neatly finished with a magnetic clasp & supplied with a gift box or silky gift bag… more


Kumihimo Necklace

Ankle Bracelet

Ankle Bracelets

Beaded ankle jewelry ~ semi-precious beads threaded with strong, long lasting nylon cord, finished with an adjustable slide knot
Hand-made sacred ankle bracelets are suitable for mantra recitation, meditation, mindfulness, earthing, yoga & prayer… more


Beaded Ankle Jewelry

Snow Lion

Snow Lion Prayer Beads

A special collection of prayer beads, beautifully hand crafted using the finest materials & healing beads.
108 bead prayer malas with matching wrist malas & bracelets for meditation, mantra, yoga & prayer.
Supplied with complimentary mala bags, healing info keepsake & shipped worldwide from UK… more

Snow Lion Collection

Jewelry Prayer Bead Collection