Chakra Mala, Chakra Beads, 7 Chakras

Chakra Mala

Chakra is a spinning disk or wheel of energy, a vortex or spiral of energy in the subtle body, corresponding to different aspects of our physical, emotional and spiritual being. The term originates from the Sanskrit word “chakram” which means wheel.
Chakra is known as “khor-lo” in Tibetan. In the Buddhist & Hindu tradition the most important chakras are the 7 chakras, each one being associated with a specific color, element and energy. These seven are arranged in a column along the spinal cord, starting with the root at the base of the spine, & interconnected by energy channels known as “nadi”.

Chakra Meaning & Healing

The spiritual meaning of chakras is that they represent the different stages of our spiritual evolution. As we move through life, we open and close these vortexes of energy, allowing the energy to flow freely or become blocked. When our chakras are open, we are more connected to our spiritual selves and experience greater clarity, compassion and understanding. When they are blocked, we may experience physical, emotional or spiritual problems.

Working with the chakras is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and healing. By understanding their spiritual meaning and becoming familiar with them, we can begin to open and balance them, allowing more energy to flow freely through our bodies and leading us to greater well-being on all levels.