Custom Mala

Custom Mala ~ design your own custom mala necklace & mala bracelet

Custom Mala

Custom mala beads, custom necklace & custom bracelets made to your chosen design and shipped with a complimentary mala bag.
Buddhist prayer beads are used for chanting & counting mantra recitations; for focusing awareness & concentration during meditation; for yoga & prayer. A mala can also be “worn” as a necklace or bracelet as a mindfulness tool and present moment reminder.

Custom 108 Mala & wrist mala bracelet

We stock a vast selection of healing gemstone beads to design 108 mala personalized necklaces and wrist mala bracelets.
The wrist malas all feature an adjustable slide knot for altering the size. The 108 custom necklaces are available with end beads or hand made tassel.

Gift Bag

Complimentary Mala Bag

All custom necklace, custom wrist malas & custom bracelets are supplied with a lotus mala bag. Please store your mala beads in a mala bag when not in use. Treat your sacred mala beads with gentleness and respect, please don’t wash or wear whilst bathing or sleeping.

Mala Beads Keepsake

With every mala order we include full glossy colour information about the healing benefits of the beads, plus prayer beads use & care.
Beautifully presented in a neat recycled envelope & finished with a Tibetan seal. This makes for a fabulous gift or keepsake!