How to Cleanse Crystals

How to Cleanse Crystals
Cleansing Crystals
How to Cleanse Your Crystals

How to Cleanse Crystals & Mala Beads

Gemstones, crystals and sacred beads hold energy within their matrix

Crystal Memory

Cleansing crystals should be done periodically. Crystals have a built in memory; they store the energy of the earth, the energy of how they were processed and handled, the energy of mantra and intention, they absorb and store positive and negative vibrations of energy.

Cleansing Crystals & Mala Beads

To cleanse your mala or crystal: hold over a steady stream of incense smoke and visualise any impurities being lifted away and transmuted into light. Visualise a column, or shaft, of white light surrounding your mala and flood the column with a cleansing waterfall of light. If you are connected with deities or spirit guides you may ask for their assistance to cleanse and purify the beads.

Preparing for Mala Making

Before making our malas we cleanse the beads; first with water, then with sage smudge and finally with reiki. This cleanses and purifies the vibration of the crystals.
Once the beads are cleansed they are stored in our workshop and smudged daily with sage to maintain a positive energetic vibration.

Mala Beads Care

Treat your mala beads with gentleness and respect, please don’t wash or wear whilst bathing or sleeping. They are sacred beads; please store your mala beads in a mala bag when not in use.

Crystal Programming

During mala making, the beads are programmed and blessed with a multiplying mantra; infusing the vibration of the mantra into the beads.
The mantra we use is:
This mantra increases the potency of any mantras recited, making it ready for your mantra practice.

Sealed with Love

Prior to shipping we seal all our parcels with the reiki energy of protection, love and harmony so they reach you ready to use and energetically pure!