What are Mala Beads & Buddhist Prayer Beads?

Mala Beads, or prayer beads, are a set of sacred rosary beads used for chanting & counting mantras, meditation, prayer, yoga & reflection.
Mala is a Sanskrit word meaning prayer beads, rosary or garland. The Tibetan word for mala is threngwa.
Prayer beads are sometimes referred to as Japa mala, japa is a Sanskrit word meaning “repeat internally”.
Our Tibetan mala beads are available with 108 beads and wrist mala bracelets with 18, 21 & 27 beads.
We design and hand-craft our Buddhist prayer beads to an exact and high standard and ship worldwide from UK.


Original Mala Beads

We make quality rosary beads to an exact & high standard. Our prayer beads are uniquely designed & crafted, it is our 100% guarantee you are purchasing a Tibetan Mala Shop original!

Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Beads

Mala Restringing

We also offer a mala repair service for rethreading your rosary. The thread we use comes in a variety of colours, it is strong & specifically designed for prayer beads, however everything is impermanent!

What is a Mantra?

A mantra is a subtle, inner sound or word that is repeated to aid concentration during meditation. It is an expression of the deepest essence of our understanding & transcends external words & sounds.

Tibetan Buddhist Mala Beads


Meditation and mantra recitation increases calmness, balance, patience, energy levels and positive thinking. We can create a gap in the incessant stream of thought by focusing on the breathing.

Choosing a Mala

Choosing a mala is a personal process, we find intuition is the best guide for choosing your rosary beads. The healing power of the beads can help in choosing a mala most suited to you.


How to use mala beads

Hold the first bead (the one next to the larger guru bead) between your finger and thumb, recite one mantra, move your thumb and finger along to the next bead; recite the next mantra; then repeat.

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We ship Buddhist rosary beads worldwide from the UK!