Mala Bracelet

Hand made mala bracelets featuring a guru bead & adjustable knot

Wrist Mala BraceletTraditionally mala bracelets are known as “wrist mala” or “hand mala”. We make a selection of wrist malas using genuine semi-precious healing beads. Available in 4 sizes our buddhist bracelet are neatly finished with a slide knot for adjusting the size, see how to adjust your wrist mala bracelet. We thread our buddhist bracelet beads with strong cord. It is long lasting thread and designed specifically for malas.

Mala Bracelet
By definition a “mala” features a guru bead (the guru bead is usually larger & with 3 holes) – our wrist malas feature a guru bead and are available with:
~ 27 beads (4 rounds of a 27 bead mala bracelet = 108)
~ 18 beads (6 rounds of an 18 bead mala bracelet = 108)
~ 21 beads (for chanting 21 mantras such as the flower offering mantra & Green Tara mantra)
If you prefer we have beaded bracelets with adjustable knot and no guru bead.
We make quality buddhist bracelets to an exact & high standard, all uniquely designed & individually hand-crafted.