Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Bracelet ~ with adjustable slide knot

Beaded BraceletHealing bead bracelets made from genuine semi-precious stones. Beaded bracelets with adjustable slide knot & threaded with strong, long lasting nylon cord.
Hand-made sacred prayer bracelets are suitable for mantra recitation, meditation, mindfulness, yoga & prayer. Supplied with how to use & care for mala beads, healing info & organza gift bag.

Beaded Bracelet
Our beaded prayer bracelets are available in 2 sizes:
~ 27 beads (4 rounds of a 27 beaded bracelet = 108)
~ 21 beads (for chanting 21 mantras such as the flower offering mantra and Green Tara mantra)
By definition a “mala” features a guru bead, if you prefer we make a wide selection of wrist mala bracelets featuring a 3-holed guru bead & adjustable knot.