Fire Element Bracelet


8mm Beads Size Chart

WRIST SIZE: measure around your wrist in cm

with Carnelian, Red Tigers Eye, Hematite, Garnet, Citrine & Sunstone

8mm beads

Complimentary Cotton Gift Bag

Fully adjustable beaded bracelet using a slide knot, see adjustable bracelet guide
In Tibetan medicine & astrology the universe is made up of the Five Elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth

Fire Element

Fire Element

This element represents heat, passion and transformation.
When the fire element is balanced within us we are creative, inspired, joyful, confident, motivated & energetic.
When the fire element is unbalanced within us we feel angry, reactive, intolerant, lack energy & inspiration.

Fire Element Bracelet ~ beautifully crafted then blessed with the mantra OM RUCHIRA MANI PRAVARTAYA HUM. Suitable for mantra, mindfulness and meditation.
Buddhist Mala Beads keepsake

Mala Beads keepsake

With every order we include full colour glossy information about mala beads healing, mala beads use & care – all beautifully presented in a neat recycled envelope & finished with a wax seal. This makes for a fabulous gift or keepsake.

Healing Properties at a glance
Carnelian – increases confidence, protect against negative emotions, restores self-esteem
Red Tigers Eye – stimulating, uplifting, motivation, confidence, increases kundalini energy
Hematite – harmonises mind, body & spirit, protecting, grounding, confidence, self-esteem, willpower, overcoming addictions
Garnet – purifies & balances energy, inspires devotion & love, alleviates emotional disharmony, protective talisman
Citrine – cleansing, energising, abundance, creative, confidence, calming, warming
Sunstone – a joyful stone, self-empowerment, self-worth, nurture, regenerative, restores life’s sweetness

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The Five Elements

In Tibetan medicine & astrology, everything in the universe is made up of the Five Elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. The elements exist in varying degrees from subtle light energy to gross form. The earth element provides form & solidity; the water element provides lubrication & moisture; the fire element provides heat; the air element provides circulation & mobility, and the space element assists the elements to coexist.

Bracelet Size Chart

8mm Bead Bracelet Size Chart


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