Five Elements Wrist Mala Beads


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WRIST SIZE: measure around your wrist in cm
BEAD SIZE: choose 8mm or 10mm beads

with Matte Black Onyx & Golden Brass Dragon Guru Bead

Fully adjustable wrist mala beads using a slide knot, see adjustable wrist mala guide
In Tibetan medicine & astrology the universe is made up of the Five Elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth
Complimentary Cotton Gift Bag
Five Elements wrist mala ~ beautifully crafted then blessed with the mantra OM RUCHIRA MANI PRAVARTAYA HUM. Suitable for mantra, mindfulness and meditation.
Buddhist Mala Beads keepsake

Mala Beads keepsake

With every order we include full colour glossy information about mala beads healing, mala beads use & care – all beautifully presented in a neat recycled envelope & finished with a wax seal. This makes for a fabulous gift or keepsake.

Healing Properties of Five Elements beads at a glance
Jade – love, courage, justice, wisdom, calms the mind
Lapis Lazuli – protective, truth, friendship, clarity of mind, spiritual development, self acceptance
Carnelian – increases confidence, protect against negative emotions, restores self-esteem
Citrine – wisdom, creative, abundance, confidence, success, calming
Crystal – positivity, balance
Onyx – soothing, comforting stone, grief, fear, wise decisions, harmonious relationships, self acceptance

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The Five Elements

In Tibetan medicine & astrology, everything in the universe is made up of the Five Elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. The elements exist in varying degrees from subtle light energy to gross form. The earth element provides form & solidity; the water element provides lubrication & moisture; the fire element provides heat; the air element provides circulation & mobility, and the space element assists the elements to coexist.

The healing properties of the stones used in the Five Elements Wrist Mala Beads are:

  1. Clear Quartz Crystal Beads (Space element)

    Clear Quartz Crystal amplifies prayers, healing, thoughts, wishes and positive visualisations. It works on every level to bring the body into balance and boosts the immune system. It is believed to supply positive energy and help dispel negative energy.
    Five Elements SpaceSpace, the strongest of the five elements, is associated with awareness & the heart.
    When the space element is balanced within us we are open, relaxed, grounded, stable & unshakable.
    When the space element is unbalanced within us we are easily distracted, drift & can feel overwhelmed & disconnected.

  2. Citrine Beads (Air element)

    Citrine is a cleansing, creative, energising stone. This stone is believed to attract success and prosperity. Citrine can help to develop a positive attitude and increase confidence & self-esteem. It promotes calm and helps with depression & fear.
    Five Elements AirThe Air element is associated with transformation, change, the breath & the lungs.
    When the air element is balanced within us we are flexible, positive, communicative & live in the solution.
    When the air element is unbalanced within us we feel stuck, impatient, are prone to headaches, lack clarity & concentration.

  3. Carnelian Beads (Fire element)

    Carnelian is a stone of life force and energy. It is said to increase ambition, drive and confidence and to protect against negative emotions and illness. It is also reputed to bring about warmth, sociability, creativity and happiness and to restore self-esteem.
    Five Elements FireThe Fire element is associated with body temperature and the liver.
    This element represents heat, passion and transformation.
    When the fire element is balanced within us we are creative, inspired, joyful, confident, motivated & energetic.
    When the fire element is unbalanced within us we feel angry, reactive, intolerant, lack energy & inspiration.

  4. Lapis Lazuli Beads (Water element)

    Lapis Lazuli is known as a stone of truth and friendship. Lapis Lazuli can help to achieve clarity of mind and aids spiritual development. It is a protective stone and is used to overcome depression, brings harmony to relationships and helps to bring about self acceptance.
    Five Elements WaterThe Water element is associated with the blood and kidneys.
    When the water element is balanced within us we feel happy, content & comfortable.
    When the water element is unbalanced within us we feel dissatisfied, uncomfortable & lack energy.

  5. Jade Beads (Earth element)

    Jade promotes love, courage, justice and wisdom. It is also believed to calm the mind by helping to release negative thoughts. It is thought to calm the nervous system, cleanse the blood, and to remove toxins. It is said to be an excellent stone for the kidneys.
    Five Elements EarthThe Earth element is associated with our flesh and spleen.
    When the earth element is balanced within us we are steady, confident, consistent & stable.
    When the earth element is unbalanced within us we feel dull, lazy, depressed, sleepy, insecure, indecisive & lack focus.

Onyx beads

Black Onyx is a soothing and comforting stone, useful in times of grief or excessive mental or physical stress. Onyx is said to help alleviate fears and worries and to help you feel comfortable within your self and in your surroundings. Onyx is also believed to promote stamina and vigour and to encourage the making of wise decisions.

Tibetan Mala Beads

How to use your Mala Beads

The onyx five elements wrist mala beads are suitable for chanting mantra, meditation, mindfulness, prayer & yoga.

  • The meditation mala is generally held in the left hand and used with gentleness and respect.
  • One bead is counted for each recitation of the mantra, starting with the first bead next to the “guru” bead. The guru bead is usually larger & more decorative.
  • Hold the first mala bead between your thumb & forefinger and silently recite one mantra.
  • Move your thumb and forefinger along to the next bead of the strand to chant the next mantra; then repeat.
  • After completing a full circuit of the mala, flip the mala around 180 degrees (this takes some practice) and continue as before, in reverse order.
  • One avoids passing over the “guru” bead, as doing so is symbolically like stepping over one’s teacher.

Mantra for blessing your Mala Beads

Mantra for Blessing your Mala Beads

Recite the mantra seven times, then blow on the mala beads. This mantra increases the power of the mantras you recite using your onyx five elements wrist mala beads.

How to Care for your Mala Beads

How to Care for your Onyx Five Elements Wrist Mala Beads

When not in use please store your onyx five elements wrist mala beads in a mala bag.
Please don’t wash your mala or wear whilst bathing or sleeping as this can weaken the mala thread.
To clean your mala: gently wipe the beads using a damp cloth and place in sunlight to dry.


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