Sandalwood Knotted Necklace Mala

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Sandalwood Knotted Mala
with Angelite & Bodhi Seed Guru Bead

Complimentary Mala Beads bag

108 x 8mm beads + 3 angelite counter beads

This mala necklace is 108cm long and hand knotted between each bead providing extra strength and longevity.
The mala is neatly finished with a choice of sandalwood end beads & butterfly end knots or tassel handmade with grey organic hemp thread. Supplied with a silky brocade mala bag.

This mala necklace is beautifully crafted & blessed with the mantra OM RUCHIRA MANI PRAVARTAYA HUM. Suitable for mantra, mindfulness and meditation.

Buddhist Mala Beads keepsake

Mala Beads Keepsake

We add a personal touch to your order by including full colour glossy info about the healing benefits of mala beads, mala beads use & care – attractively presented in a neat recycled envelope & finished with a red wax Tibetan seal. This makes a fine gift or keepsake.

Healing Properties at a glance
Sandalwood – soothing, peaceful, fragrant, attracts positive vibrations, clear perception, tranquility
Angelite – awareness, contact with angelic realm, telepathy, perception, truth, compassion, spiritual inspiration, opens psychic channeling
Bodhi leafBodhi seed beads
It was under a Bodhi tree, at Bodhgaya in India, that the Buddha attained enlightenment.
For this reason Bodhi beads are highly valued and said to enrich the mind.


Mala Care

Please store your mala beads in a mala bag when not in use. Treat your mala beads with gentleness and respect, please don’t wash or wear whilst bathing or sleeping.
We use genuine sandalwood & gemstones so please don’t use perfume or chemicals near the beads.
To clean your mala: gently wipe the beads using a damp cloth and place in sunlight or moonlight to dry.
If you wear your mala please be gentle when taking on and off.

4 reviews for Sandalwood Knotted Necklace Mala

  1. Dr. Schavi M. Ali (verified owner)

    I recently ordered the beautiful Sandalwood mala with Angelite marker beads and a Boddhi Seed “Guru” bead. It is wonderfully made! The Sandalwood beads are smooth and fragrant, and the entire mala has an auspicious and precious vibration. It definitely has a healing, protective, and angelic energy. I love it!
    Thank You, Dr. Schavi M. Ali

  2. Sue (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the beautiful Sandalwood Mala. As soon as I saw the Mala with the combination of the Angelite and Bodhi seed guru bead it “spoke” to me and I knew it was the right one! And I love it! The scent is glorious and just wearing it brings a feeling of calmness and peace. As the previous reviewer said, it is wonderfully made and I am so pleased with it I have ordered a custom bracelet also in Sandalwood.
    Thank you.

  3. Phil

    Artistically made with quality. The magic and potency of this mala was clear upon opening and have been using it daily since.
    Highly recommend and will buy from Tibetan Mala shop buy again.

  4. William Taylor (verified owner)

    I’ve got several Malas from the Tibetan Mala shop, and this is one of my favourites.

    I travel a lot, and it’s a very handy size, has a lovely shimmering energy, perfectly complementing my practise on the road.

    The extra knots provide a good strength.

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