Chakras Stack


Chakras Stack ~ 7 Mala Bracelets

Complimentary Organza 7 Chakras Mala Bracelets bag

A stacked collection of 7 chakras mala bracelets with adjustable slide knot & 3 holed guru bead:
~ Crown Chakra with amethyst, lepidolite & quartz crystal
~ Third Eye Chakra with lapis lazuli, angelite & lilac kunzite
~ Throat Chakra with aquamarine, lapis lazuli & turquoise
~ Heart Chakra with green aventurine, rose quartz & rhodonite
~ Solar Plexus Chakra with citrine, tigers eye & yellow jade
~ Sacral Chakra with carnelian, sandalwood & sunstone
~ Root Chakra with garnet, red tigers eye & smoky quartz

These mala bracelets can be purchased individually ~ crown ~ third eye ~ throat ~ heart ~ solar plexus ~ sacral ~ root

7 stackable bracelets lovingly hand crafted and blessed with the multiplying mantra OM RUCHIRA MANI PRAVARTAYA HUM.
Suitable for mantra, mindfulness and meditation.
7 Chakras keepsake

Stacked Bracelets Keepsake

With this stacked collection of mala bracelets you'll receive full colour glossy info about the 7 chakras, health benefits of the beads plus mala beads use & care – beautifully presented in a neat recycled envelope & sealed with a red Tibetan seal. This makes for a lovely gift or keepsake.


Crown Chakra


Colour – violet/purple.   Location – top of head.   Sanskrit name – Sahasrara.   Mantra – “OM”.
Purpose – enlightenment, wisdom, spiritual understanding, higher self, meditation, awareness, visionary, harmony, love.
Healing stonesclear quartz, amethyst, lepidolite
Healing Properties of Crown Chakra Beads –
Amethyst – spiritual awareness, creativity, wisdom, healing, addictions
Clear Quartz – positivity, balance, soul cleanser, enhances psychic abilities, energy amplifier
Lepidolite – calming, clearing blockages, bringing awareness, reduces depression, obsessive thinking, mood swings and insomnia

Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye

Colour – indigo.   Location – brow.   Sanskrit name – Ajna.   Mantra – “AUM”.
Purpose – intuition, perception, psychic awareness, clarity, understanding, imagination, discernment.
Healing stones – lilac kunzite, angelite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, fluorite
Healing Properties of Third Eye Chakra Beads –
Lapis Lazuli – protective, truth, friendship, clarity of mind, spiritual development, overcome depression, harmonious relationships, self acceptance
Angelite – awareness, contact with angelic realm, truth, telepathy, spiritual inspiration, perception, compassion
Kunzite – high vibration, access to higher spiritual realms, infinity, peace, universal love, deep meditation

Throat Chakra


Colour – blue.   Location – throat.   Sanskrit name – Vishuddhi.   Mantra – “HAM”.
Purpose – communication, speech, wisdom, honesty, trust, creativity, healing, open, spontaneity.
Healing stonesaquamarine, lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise
Healing Properties of Throat Chakra Beads –
Aquamarine – spiritual awareness, calms the mind, good for meditation
Lapis Lazuli – protective, truth, friendship, clarity of mind, spiritual development, overcome depression, harmonious relationships, self acceptance
Turquoise – protection, inner calm, find your true path in life

Heart Chakra


Colour – green.   Location – heart.   Sanskrit name – Anahata.   Mantra – “YAM”.
Purpose – love, compassion, empathy, balance, trust, growth, renewal, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, healing.
Healing stonesrose quartz, aventurine, rhodonite, chrysocolla, green jade
Healing Properties of Heart Chakra Beads –
Aventurine – protects the heart, emotional calm & harmony, dissolves negative thoughts & emotions
Rose Quartz – unconditional love, heart chakra, forgiveness, let go of anger, resentment and jealousy
Rhodonite – enhance mantra-based meditation, heart chakra, forgiveness, self-love

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus

Colour – yellow.   Location – above naval.   Sanskrit name – Nabhi-Manipura.   Mantra – “RAM”.
Purpose – confidence, emotional stability, vitality, energy, desire, inner strength, will power, mental clarity, laughter, curiosity, wisdom.
Healing stonescitrine, honey jade, malachite, tigers eye
Healing Properties of Solar Plexus Chakra Beads –
Citrine – cleansing, energising, abundance, creative, confidence, calming, warming
Tigers Eye – grounding, uplifting, positive attitude, laughter, humour, prosperity
Honeystone – assists with change, enhances higher consciousness, intellect & memory

Sacral Chakra


Colour – orange.   Location – below navel.   Sanskrit name – Svadhisthana.   Mantra – “VAM”.
Purpose – emotions, relationships, sociabilty, confidence, freedom, intimacy, sexuality, sensitivity, warmth, creativity, health, balance.
Healing stonescarnelian, sandalwood, sunstone, mookaite
Healing Properties of Sacral Chakra Beads –
Carnelian – increases confidence, protect against negative emotions, restores self-esteem
Sandalwood – soothing, peaceful, fragrant, attracts positive vibrations, clear perception, tranquility
Sunstone – a joyful stone, self-empowerment, self-worth, nurture, regenerative, restores life’s sweetness

Root Chakra


Colour – red.   Location – base of spine.   Sanskrit name – Muladhara.   Mantra – “LAM” (pronounced “LANG”).
Purpose – grounding, security, stability, survival, safety, trust, vitality, courage, sexuality, ancestral memories.
Healing stonesgarnet, red tigers eye, smoky quartz, obsidian, hematite
Healing Properties of Root Chakra Beads –
Garnet – purifies & balances energy, inspires devotion & love, alleviates emotional disharmony, protective talisman
Red Tigers Eye – stimulating, uplifting, motivation, confidence, increases kundalini energy
Smoky Quartz – meditation, clears the mind, grounding, emotional calmness, relaxation

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