Chakra Bracelet

Chakra Bracelet, Chakra Bracelet Beads, 7 Chakras

Chakra BraceletChakra is a spinning wheel of energy, chakras are energy centres in the subtle body. Chakras are universal and part of our luminous anatomy; they are vortexes of energy in our luminous energy field. The term “chakra” originates from the Sanskrit word “chakram” which means wheel.
Chakra is known as “khor-lo” in Tibetan. In the Buddhist & Hindu tradition there are 7 major chakras arranged in a column along the spinal cord, starting with the root chakra at the base of the spine, & interconnected by energy channels known as “nadi”.

Crown Chakra


Colour – violet/purple.   Location – top of head.   Sanskrit name – Sahasrara.   Mantra – “OM”.   Affirmation – “I Know”.
Purpose – enlightenment, wisdom, spiritual understanding, higher self, meditation, awareness, visionary, harmony, love, connection to heaven.
Healing stonesclear quartz, amethyst, lepidolite

Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye

Colour – indigo.   Location – brow.   Sanskrit name – Ajna.   Mantra – “AUM”.   Affirmation – “I See”.
Purpose – intuition, perception, psychic awareness, clarity, understanding, imagination, discernment, awakened mind.
Healing stones – lilac kunzite, angelite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, fluorite

Throat Chakra


Colour – blue.   Location – throat.   Sanskrit name – Vishuddhi.   Mantra – “HAM”.   Affirmation – “I Speak”.
Purpose – communication, speech, wisdom, honesty, trust, creativity, healing, open, spontaneity.
Healing stonesaquamarine, lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise

Heart Chakra


Colour – green.   Location – heart.   Sanskrit name – Anahata.   Mantra – “YAM”.   Affirmation – “I Love”.
Purpose – love, compassion, empathy, balance, trust, growth, renewal, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, healing, freedom, intimacy.
Healing stonesrose quartz, aventurine, rhodonite, chrysocolla, green jade

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus

Colour – yellow.   Location – above naval.   Sanskrit name – Nabhi-Manipura.   Mantra – “RAM”.   Affirmation – “I Can”.
Purpose – confidence, emotional stability, vitality, energy, desire, inner strength, will power, mental clarity, laughter, curiosity, wisdom.
Healing stonescitrine, honey jade, malachite, tigers eye

Sacral Chakra


Colour – orange.   Location – below navel.   Sanskrit name – Svadhisthana.   Mantra – “VAM”.   Affirmation – “I Feel”.
Purpose – emotions, relationships, sociabilty, confidence, freedom, intimacy, sexuality, sensitivity, warmth, creativity, health, balance, personal identity.
Healing stonescarnelian, sandalwood, sunstone, mookaite

Root Chakra


Colour – red.   Location – base of spine.   Sanskrit name – Muladhara.   Mantra – “LAM” (pronounced “LANG”).   Affirmation – “I Have”.
Purpose – grounding, security, stability, survival, safety, trust, vitality, courage, sexuality, ancestral memories, self preservation, connection to the feminine and to the earth & to nature.
Healing stonesgarnet, red tigers eye, smoky quartz, obsidian, hematite