Soul Star Triangulation Meditation

Soul Star Meditation

Soul Star

The soul star chakra is approx 6″ above the crown. It’s also known as the eighth chakra or the “seat of the soul”. It is an etheric star of light; its brightness is dependent on the evolution of the soul. The soul star represents divine wisdom & compassion, it is a gateway to connect with the higher self.

Soul Star Meditation

The soul star meditation is a method of widening the central channel and cleansing the chakras using the radiant light of the soul star chakra. Most people’s central channel is the width of a small pipe; the goal is to gradually and steadily widen the central channel to the width of the head.
This meditation uses a triangulation technique, see diagram, and is documented in the book “The Rainbow Bridge” by Two Disciples. The Two Disciples worked with Alice A. Bailey who channelled the wisdom teachings of Djwal Khul from 1919 to 1949. Bailey referred to Djwal Khul as “The Tibetan” and a transmitter of the light, teaching and spreading the knowledge of the ageless wisdom.

Step 1

Activate the Soul Star by chanting the Soul Mantra three times:
I am the Soul, I am the Light Divine, I am Love, I am Will, I am fixed design

Step 2

Visualise the Soul Star Chakra approx 6″ above the head.
See it, or sense it, as a small brilliant star, or sun, radiating crystalline light.

Step 3

The method is: mentally move the soul star chakra slowly and diagonally down in front of the body, into each of the chakras, then up through the central channel.

  • Third Eye Chakra – first bring the soul star diagonally down to approx 12″ in front of the face inline with the third eye. Move it slowly in through the third eye, glimmering with crystal facets, cleansing the third eye chakra and into the centre of the head. Slowly and steadily move it up through the central channel, clearing psychic debris, then out through the crown and back to its original position 6″ above the head. Repeat.
  • Throat Chakra – mentally move the soul star diagonally down in front of the body inline with the throat chakra. Move it into the throat chakra, blending with the sky blue hues, cleansing as it moves, then up through the central channel back to its original position. Repeat.
  • Heart Chakra – move the soul star in front of the heart chakra then up through the central channel. Repeat.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – repeat the same triangular movement into the sparkling gold solar plexus.
  • Repeat the process with the Sacral, Root, Knee Chakras, Foot Chakras & the Earth Star

Step 4

Bask in the radiance of the star light

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“He works from the air above and in the full light of day, no longer does he struggle in the waves or sink immersed in the deep waters. Above the sea he hovers, within the ocean of light, and pours that light into the depths. He carries the waters to the desert and the light divine into the world of fog.”
Alice A. Bailey ~ The Rays & Initiations