Root Chakra Meditation

Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Colour – red.   Location – perineum, base of spine.   Sanskrit name – Muladhara.   Mantra – “LAM” (pronounced “LANG”).   Affirmation – “I Have”.  
Purpose – grounding, security, stability, survival, safety, trust, vitality, courage, sexuality, ancestral memories, self preservation, connection to the feminine, to the earth & nature.


Muladhara is the Sanskrit word for root chakra. Mula means source or root and Adhara means base or foundation. Muladhara is the foundation of our physical structure and energy body.

Root Chakra

{Muladhara Visualisation}

At the base of the spine imagine a small, ruby red sphere of light with a beautiful red rose bud at the centre. Imagine the soft petals of the rose gently opening; beaming the vibrant red light in all directions.

Light up the lower back with the red glow, visualising the red light shining out to shoulder width, see it as a clear nourishing light. Extend the red light down through your legs; sending roots of red down to the ground to connect with mother earth.

Imagine the soothing, ruby sphere of light spinning in both directions, humming with the deep vibration of the root mantra “LAM LAM LAM”. Imagine the chakra spinning smoothly and at ease, notice any waivering of the light and use the power of intention and visualisation to steady & balance the concentric flow.

Cleanse any energetic debris or darker patches by sweeping them and lifting them out of the chakra, releasing out through your aura.

Visualise the red light of the root chakra reaching outwards and upwards to touch on the sacral chakra above.

Think: safety, security, stability, grounding, survival, trust, vitality, courage.
Release: fear, anxiety, insecurity, lack of motivation, instability