Sacral Chakra Meditation

Svadhishthana Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Colour – orange.   Location – below navel.   Sanskrit name – Svadhishthana.   Mantra – “VAM”.
Purpose – emotions, relationships, sociabilty, confidence, freedom, intimacy, sexuality, sensitivity, warmth, creativity, health, balance.


Svadhishthana is the Sanskrit word for sacral chakra. Sva means self and Adhishthana means established. Svadhishthana is located below the navel, between the hips.

Sacral Chakra Meditation

Sacral Chakra Meditation {Svadhishthana Visualisation}

Visualise a small amber light between your hips at the sacrum. This small amber light opens up and increases in brightness. See it as a six petal lotus with brilliant orange and vibrant rose gold petals, the warm sparkling hues reaching outwards and upwards.
Sweep away any impurities and energetic debris, lifting them out of the orange glow, releasing out through your aura.
Repeat the cleansing bija mantra three times: “VAM VAM VAM”.

Imagine the chakra spinning smoothly and at ease, notice any waivering of the light and use the power of intention and visualisation to steady & balance the flow. Visualise smooth concentric circles of flowing energy radiating out from the orange centre.
Dwell in the warm orange glow, visualising the amber light of the sacral chakra reaching outwards and upwards to touch on the solar plexus chakra above.

Think: emotions, relationships, sociability, confidence, freedom, intimacy, sexuality, sensitivity, warmth, creativity, health, balance
Release: depression, detachment, indulgence, aggressiveness, over sensitivity, fear, anxiety, poor boundaries, abuse, sexual trauma