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Tingsha & Brocade Cover

Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals

The tingsha chimes are made of brass and measure 4.5cm diameter.

These hand crafted, Tibetan tingsha are embossed with the eight auspicious signs;
dharma wheel, victory banner, conch shell, fish, parasol, lotus flower, endless knot and wealth vase.
eight auspicious symbols
Tibetan Tingsha are traditionally used for meditation, ritual ceremonies and balancing energy. The cymbals produce a therapeutic, harmonising and penetrating sound.



The Tibetan tingsha cymbals are hand-made in Nepal and feature the Eight Auspicious Signs.
The Eight Auspicious Signs are: dharma wheel, victory banner, conch shell, fish, parasol, lotus flower, endless knot and wealth vase.

Dharma Wheel Victory Banner Conch Shell Fish

Dharma Wheel

The eight spokes of the Dharma Wheel represents the eight elements of the Noble Eightfold Path in Buddhism.
The Noble Eightfold Path is: Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration

Victory Banner

The Victory Banner represents the victory of the Buddha’s teachings over negativity, harmful forces, death and ignorance.

Conch Shell

The Conch Shell symbolises the speech of the Buddha. The conch is played like a trumpet; it is believed the sound of the conch can banish evil spirits and prevent natural disasters. The conch is a symbol of authority and sovereignty.


The Fish represent the freeing of consciousness from suffering and fear leading to spiritual liberation. Fish swim freely through water and symbolise living without fear of drowning in the ocean of suffering.

Parasol Lotus Flower Endless Knot Wealth Vase


The Parasol, or precious umbrella, represents the preservation of all beings from harm, ill health and obstacles in this life.

Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower symbolises purification of body, speech and mind. The open white blossom of the beautiful lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment and purity and is associated with overcoming desire and attachment. The lotus represents spiritual perfection.

Endless Knot

The Endless Knot has no beginning, no end and symbolises the endless compassion & wisdom of the Buddha.

Wealth Vase

The Wealth Vase, or treasure vase, is traditionally filled with healing, valuable & auspicious objects to attract wealth, prosperity and a long life.

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  1. Emmanuelle Arnold (verified owner)

    Beautifully handcrafted. I was a bit worried about the quality of the sound as obviously online you cannot try, but I am really pleased. The sound is delicate and harmonious. Love it.

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