Tibetan Ghau Prayer Box



Tibetan Ghau Prayer Box

Copper & Brass Tibetan Ghau Prayer Box embossed with a double dorje
Available with a lapis blue or coral red coloured stone in the centre
4cm long and 3cm wide

Healing Properties at a glance
Double Dorje – indestructible, enlightenment

Tibetan Ghau Prayer Box

A Ghau is a Tibetan Buddhist amulet prayer box, usually worn as jewellery. A Tibetan ghau prayer box is used to hold sacred objects such as mantras, deity images or precious medicine.

The Ghau Prayer Box features a double dorje on one side and sanskrit symbol on the other side.
Double Dorje

Double Dorje

DORJE (or vajra) symbolises the indestructible and immovable state of enlightenment and is sometimes referred to as a thunderbolt or diamond.


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