Rose Petal Mala Beads


Rose Petal Hand Knotted Mala
Only one available

108 beads + 3 counter beads

Rose Petal Rosary Prayer Beads
Rose Petals & pure water are blended to form a paste which is then hand rolled into beads. Making rose petal beads is a lengthy process! As each bead is rolled it is blessed & infused with the multiplying mantra.
The natural fragrance of the rose petals gives the beads a delicate scent. We don’t add any fragrance, or anything else, just rose petals & water.
Once dry, the beads are strong and hard, however please don’t get them damp, wet or spray perfume near them. When not in use please keep in the leatherette gift box provided.

7 – 8mm beads ~ 108cm circumference, if worn around the neck the guru bead sits at the navel, or can be looped around the neck twice to sit at the heart chakra.
This mala is hand knotted between each bead and neatly finished with traditional snake knot & butterfly end knots.
Supplied with a navy blue leatherette gift box.

Beautifully crafted & blessed with the multiplying mantra OM RUCHIRA MANI PRAVARTAYA HUM. Suitable for mantra, mindfulness and meditation.

Rose Petal Mala Beads

Mala Care

Please store your mala beads in the box provided & keep the box in a dry cool place avoiding humidity.
Treat your rose petal mala with gentleness and respect, the beads are hard and durable, however they can be crushed under extreme pressure or if stepped on.
These beads are made from rose petals so please don’t get them damp, wet, use perfume near the beads or wear whilst sleeping.
To cleanse the energy of your mala use smudge, meditation or place in moonlight.
If you wear your mala please be gentle when taking on and off.


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