Balancing Mala

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with Snowflake Obsidian & Howlite

Complimentary Mala Beads bag

108 x 8mm beads

The snowflake obsidian beads are smooth black with grey & white spots & the howlite beads are naturally white with black spider-web markings.

Yin Yang Symbol

Balancing Mala

Half black, half white, representing; balance, equilibrium, transformation, duality, yin & yang, light & dark, masculine & feminine, earth & sky. Is there something in your life that is out of balance? Meditate & chant to restore equilibrium to any given situation, relationship or scattered thinking.
Suggested Sanskrit mantra: Om Ram Ramaya ~ I bring balance and strength into my life

8mm beads ~ 108cm circumference, if worn around the neck the guru bead sits at the navel, or can be looped around the neck twice (as pictured) to sit at the heart chakra.
This mala is hand knotted between each bead providing extra strength and longevity.
Neatly finished with traditional snake knot* & butterfly end knots, supplied with a lotus flower mala bag.

Blessed with the mantra OM RUCHIRA MANI PRAVARTAYA HUM. Suitable for mantra, mindfulness and meditation.

Buddhist Mala Beads keepsake

Mala Beads Keepsake

We add a personal touch to your order by including full colour glossy info about the healing benefits of mala beads, mala beads use & care – attractively presented in a neat recycled envelope & finished with a red wax Tibetan seal. This makes a fine gift or keepsake.

Healing Properties at a glance
Snowflake Obsidian – balancing, calming, purity, release stressful thoughts
Howlite – calming, patience, reduces anger, strengthens positive characteristics

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* finished with an a traditional tibetan snake knot, please let us know at the time of ordering if you prefer an adjustable slide knot.

108 mala necklaces are made with a choice of 2 knots: an adjustable slide knot or a traditional snake knot.

    Mala Beads adjustable slide knot

  1. Adjustable slide knot

    The slide knot moves up and down to adjust the tension of the mala beads.
    All our mala bracelets are made with an adjustable slide knot.

  2. Tibetan snake knot

  3. Traditional Tibetan snake knot

    The tension of the mala beads is fixed (we leave a 1cm+ gap in the thread to allow for moving the beads along whilst reciting mantra)

If you have a knot preference please let us know when ordering.


Yin Yang

2 reviews for Balancing Mala

  1. Tracey (verified owner)

    I love the Tibetan Mala Shop.. this is another set of mala beads I have purchased from them. I love the beads for their quality, colour and obvious care when making the product. They look good, the balance of colour mixture is perfect, some nice breaks in the white and black sides with a small bead of the opposite colour, the length is perfect and the beads move with ease.
    thoroughly recommend

  2. Judith Olson (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Balancing Mala and matching bracelet. My order was processed quickly, and I received the mala and bracelet within a few days. Before my order was shipped, I wanted to add something to it, and the person with whom I communicated via email was very responsive and made the change happen without any difficulty. Both of these items surpassed my expectations. The idea of using the howlite and snowflake obsidian beads to capture the concept of balance and the idea that within the yin there is yang and within the yang there is yin (nothing is totally black or white, yin or yang) is perfect. The workmanship of both pieces is of high quality. The mala is very sturdy in its construction and the beads are the perfect size for me. I like a substantial mala, one that you can really feel the individual beads and not fear that it might break because it is delicate. This mala is such a one. Using this mala has already enhanced my meditation practice. I would not hesitate to purchase another mala or bracelet from the Tibetan Mala Shop.

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