Crystal Singing Bowl

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Quartz Singing Bowl

Luminescent Quartz Crystal singing bowl
Tuned to note B which corresponds to the crown chakra

Crystal singing bowl set includes O-ring & suedette ringing stick
Bowl measures: 8″ x 8″ (20cm x 20cm)
Ringing stick measures: 20cm long

Crystal singing bowls are used in sound therapy, meditation and energy healing.
Singing bowls produce a resonating, expansive sound that penetrates body and mind.

Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

Colour – violet/purple.   Location – top of head.   Sanskrit name – Sahasrara.   Mantra – “OM”.   Affirmation – “I Know”.  
– enlightenment, wisdom, spiritual understanding, higher self, meditation, awareness, visionary, harmony, love, connection to heaven.


Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal Singing Bowl

Quartz singing bowl set includes singing bowl, O-ring & suedette ringing stick

How to use a Quartz Singing Bowl

  1. Place the singing bowl on the O-ring on a flat surface
  2. Hold the ringing stick vertically above the bowl
  3. Gently move the ringing stick round the outside edge of the bowl in a circular motion


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