Lepidolite Buddhist Mala Beads


Lepidolite Buddhist Mala Beads with Gold

Complimentary Mala Beads bag

108 x 8mm beads

Featuring a 14K Gold plated guru bead & deep plum coloured cotton tassel
Lepidolite ranges from pink to purple & lavender in colour, these are natural beads so the shades of purple may vary
The Gold beads are 925 Sterling Silver with 14k Gold plating

Our lepidolite Buddhist mala beads are hand crafted in UK and individually blessed by our team of meditators. Our mala beads are suitable for mantra recitation, mindfulness practice, meditation, yoga, prayer & reflection.
Buddhist Mala Beads keepsake

Mala Beads Keepsake

We add a personal touch to your order by including full colour glossy info about the healing benefits of mala beads, mala beads use & care – attractively presented in a shiny gold envelope & finished with a red wax Tibetan seal. This makes a fine gift or keepsake.
We also include a small, soft jewellery cloth with this mala for cleaning & polishing the gold beads, regular use removes tarnish and prolongs original shine.

Healing Properties at a glance
Lepidolite – calming, clearing blockages, bringing awareness, reduces depression, obsessive thinking, mood swings and insomnia
Gold – wealth, success, good health, confidence, will power

Lepidolite Buddhist Mala Beads

Mindfulness Meditation Mala Beads Care How to use Mala Beads Mantra


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